There are five categories of items in Band of Heroes: Weapons, Gear, Vehicles, Sidearms, and Avatars. Items have a variety of rarity, from common, uncommon, rare, premium, to legendary.

Aquiring itemsEdit

  • Common items can progressively be bought in the game's depot using in-game 'war funds'.
  • Uncommon items are available through completing tasks, missions, and collections; and through bonus drops.
  • Rare items are available only through random bonus drops.
  • Premium items are (rarely) available through random bonus drops, and a limited supply is occasionally made available through the depot's contraband section, where they can be purchased using 'favors'. Premium avatar items become available in the Avatar Shop.
  • There is currently only a single 'legendary' item available, which is only available for favors in the depot's contraband section. It is the most expensive item in the game, requiring 198 favors - which is the maximum amount of favors a player can earn in-game without paying with real money, or completing offers, for more.

Using itemsEdit

Items are automatically equipped for the player by the game when battling other players. The game equips each of the player's available squadmates with the highest value items available in each category of the battling player's inventory (excluding avatars). The equipped items will vary according to whether the player requires offensive, or defensive power.